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SmartTek Virtual Bodyguard

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When you’re outside your home all you have to do is press the button on your smartphone. Your own Virtual Bodyguard monitoring company is on the phone ready to help and call 911 with your location, your profile and medical information.

What You Need To Know To Make The Right Choice

Having a professional security monitoring company is like having your own Virtual Bodyguard to help 911 respond according to FCC Statistics. 911 call centers call volume per year is over 240,000,000 calls. That’s 660,000 calls per day, 80% of which are from cellphones. Calls from cellphones take 42% longer because of the need to determine location and illicit user information.

Monitoring agents are able to give 911 your location and most important your personal profile cutting 42% sending the right help. UL Listed central stations are required to adhere to the requirements in UL 827, the Standard for Central Station Alarm Services, and must demonstrate compliance before becoming UL listed. We conduct annual audits of each UL Listed alarm company to help ensure continued compliance.

Why a professionally Monitored Security System is usually the best option:

There are over 21 million alarms being monitored. Professional alarm companies have been working with 911 to help first responders to ensure that the calls being monitored have your personal profile, family members, and your doctors information if your call required medical assistance. Your monitoring insurance protects your family every second of every day 24/7 when you leave your home.


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Shaping the future of home security through innovation and expertise.

SmarTek Systems is dedicated to delivering innovative products and services to the security industry — designed to increase dealers’ monthly recurring revenue (RMR) and to maximize customer retention rates.

The SmartTek Systems management team has deep roots in the security industry and proven track records in the security industry with proven track records in security products design, manufacturing and marketing, wireless and video products as well as central station and alarm company operations experience.

Mark Fischer

Mark Fischer is an electronic security industry veteran with an extensive technical background in hardware and software application development. His specialties include central station technology integration and communications, mobile GPS, M2M communications and applications, security software development, and emerging technologies.

His experience ranges from ground-up design and management of listed central station facilities, IT networks, and communications facilities to the development of best practices for installation and ongoing training programs for in-house technicians and dealers.

Steve Pearlman

Steve Pearlman is an electronic security industry veteran with over 25 years of success in the development, marketing and successful delivery of products and services for companies like ADEMCO, Fire Burglary, Instruments, Honeywell Video Systems, Digital Security Controls (DSC), and Inovonics Wireless Corporation.

His contributions to the industry include innovative work in supporting the development of the Computerized Alarm Processing System (CAPS) providing Automation to the Central Station monitoring community, introduction of the Echo-Stream wireless product line to ADT, and creation of the OMNI product line.


Barry Schweiger

Barry Schweiger is a true pioneer and innovator within the electronics security industry. He is one of the founders of Fire Burglary Instruments Inc. (FBII) and Fire Control Instruments (FCI) and has led many successful security manufacturing companies. 

In addition to the creation and launch of numerous successful electronic security products and services, Barry has facilitated partnerships and developed dealer programs that have helped to revolutionize the industry. His entrepreneurial spirit and accomplishments position him as the premiere industry mover and shaker, and driving passion behind SmartTek’s innovative new offerings.

Bud Wulforst

Bud Wulforst is an alarm industry expert with a deep network of industry contacts, and a strong technical background. In addition to serving as president of the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), he’s held numerous roles in security industry alarm organization such as the National Burglar Fire Alarm Association (NFBAA), New York Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, Nevada Association of Alarm Companies.

He is an expert in electronic security system design and execution with a deep knowledge of UL, FM, NFPA and NEC’s standards pertaining to burglar alarm, fire alarm, protective signaling, Central Station, CCTV, process monitoring, and access control.


Learn how every smart phone user can Protect you – Every second of every minute of every day!

  • You will be protected when you walk to your car


  • You will be protected when you’re out with your friends
  • You will be protected when you are walking home alone


  • Your children will be protected at college

SmartTek provides a security system app that will protect you and your family outside of the home.

Get protected with your own virtual body guards

Tracking only starts when you need help!


When an emergency occurs simply press the button within the app and your location is sent to our professional monitoring center.


Parents, you can rest easy knowing where your kids are at all times when they are outside of the home.


CommBadge is a small wireless based waterproof security device to operate in conjunction with SmartTek apps.

We are adding value to your in-home security system

Contact your professional security system to extend your in-home security. By extending your service, you are protecting yourself and your loved ones anywhere around the world. Ask them about SmartTek today!

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