A personal security system at your finger tips

24-Hour protection | Emergency GPS Tracking only starts when you press the button.

Smart Alert is like having your own body guard

The SmartAlert is always on guard providing you with 24-hour protection. Whenever you feel threatened or need help, simply press the help button on the app, and you are connected with a Professional Monitoring station with trained operators to handle your situation. The Monitoring station knows your location, who you are, and if necessary will dispatch the help you need based on your location.

Unlike other apps, while SmartAlert stands by ready to protect you, it does not send or report your location unless there is an emergency. No continuous tracking, no pop-up ads. Location information is only sent to SmartTek’s monitoring center when the app is activated by you in an emergency. SmartAlert protects you and your privacy.

SmartAlert not only protects you in emergency situations but even if you’re feeling uneasy while walking to your car, dorm, closing your store, etc. Our operators are always ready. It starts tracking only when you press the button to alert our monitoring center. The device also helps with increased police and medical response time.