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Why a Professional Security Company is Your Right Choice

Security systems and surveillance devices are the most popular when it comes to smart technology. Homeowners, especially in a high trafficked state like New York, want a high-end and affordable security system which means some decide to install the system themselves.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s not the best idea! If you are one of those DIY camera installation homeowners, this is to educate you on why you should always hire a professional installer.


Is Less Really More When it Comes to Security Systems?

To start off, when installing their own security surveillance systems, homeowners start to limit the number of devices needed to save more money. One of the most common security devices that homeowners pick is a video doorbell. Smart locks, video doorbells, and cameras should always be included in a security system, however, on their own are inefficient. Another common mistake made by homeowners is installing their security system cameras in one designated spot that gets the most “foot traffic”. Remember that covering entrances is vital to a security system but not when that is the only place they are installed. For total security, there needs to be a focus on the home as a whole like a driveway, garage, and backyard, not just the entry points.


Is Your Security System Compatible With This Generation’s  Technological Advancements?

Having SmartTek Viral Bodyguard is on guard protecting you every second of every day – 24/7! DIY can’t protect you and your family – the professional security companies can.